GRSE nears delivery of 1st indigenous Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Craft

Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) is on the verge of delivering the first ever indigenously built Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Craft (ASW SWC) for the Indian Navy. With construction reaching a significant 87% mark, the ship “Arnala” is undergoing final preparations before sea trials and handover.

This achievement marks a crucial step in bolstering India’s maritime defense capabilities. The ASW SWC is designed specifically for shallow water operations, enhancing the Navy’s ability to detect and neutralize underwater threats in coastal regions.

First Ship Prepares for Sea Trials

The first ASW SWC has successfully completed both basin trials and harbor trials, demonstrating its functionality within controlled environments. With construction nearing completion, the ship will soon embark on sea trials, a rigorous series of tests conducted in open waters to assess its performance and seaworthiness.

Following successful sea trials, GRSE will officially deliver the vessel to the Indian Navy. This signifies a major milestone in the project and paves the way for the integration of these advanced warships into the Navy’s fleet.

Subsequent Ships Under Construction

While the first ship takes center stage, construction of the remaining vessels is progressing steadily. The second ASW SWC is at 70% completion, followed by the third at 63%. The fourth, fifth, and sixth ships are also under construction, with each hovering around 40-45% progress.

This progressive construction timeline ensures a continuous stream of these powerful warships to the Indian Navy, progressively strengthening their anti-submarine warfare capacities.

Significance of Indigenous Development

The ASW SWC project holds immense significance beyond its military prowess. With over 80% indigenous content, the program serves as a testament to India’s growing self-reliance in defense shipbuilding. This not only fosters domestic technological advancements but also generates employment opportunities and bolsters the country’s defense manufacturing sector.

GRSE’s imminent delivery of the first ASW SWC signifies a significant achievement in Indian shipbuilding. As construction of the remaining ships progresses, the Indian Navy is poised to gain a significant advantage in safeguarding its territorial waters.


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