India conducts trials for a mega tender of 4.25 lakh carbines

The Indian Army has commenced its summer trials to select its next Close Quarter Battle (CQB) weapon. A total of 425,000 units will be procured in the chosen caliber of 5.56×45 NATO. Winter trials are scheduled for later this year to ensure all-weather performance of the selected weapon.

The close quarter carbine (CQB) is a firearm designed for combat within short distances, typically indoors or in urban environments. It is typically shorter and lighter than a standard rifle, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. The 5.56×45 NATO is a standard ammunition caliber for rifles and carbines in the NATO countries.

The Indian Army’s selection process for a new CQB weapon is a competition between 15 different players. The chosen weapon will need to meet the Indian Army’s specific requirements for performance, reliability, and durability.

The summer trials will provide the Indian Army with an opportunity to evaluate the performance of the different CQB weapons under a variety of conditions. The winter trials will then help to ensure that the chosen weapon can also function effectively in cold weather conditions.

The selection of a new CQB weapon is an important step for the Indian Army, as it will provide its soldiers with a modern and effective close-quarters combat capability.


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