HAL delivers Dhruv helicopters to Army within 2 weeks of contract signing

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has delivered a fresh batch of indigenously-developed ALH Dhruv Mk3 utility helicopters to the Indian Army, marking a significant milestone in bolstering the country’s defense capabilities.

The contract for a total of 25 Dhruv Mk3 helicopters was signed in mid-March 2024. Demonstrating impressive production efficiency, HAL delivered the first six helicopters within a remarkably short timeframe – by the end of March 2024, just two weeks after the contract signing.

These helicopters are the latest variant of the Dhruv, a well-established utility helicopter designed and manufactured by HAL. The Dhruv Mk3 offers enhanced features and capabilities, making it a valuable asset for the Indian Army. It is specifically designed for high-altitude operations, crucial for India’s mountainous borders.

This swift delivery showcases HAL’s commitment to meeting the Indian defense forces’ requirements with agility and precision.

In addition to the Army contract, HAL is also producing 09 Dhruv Mk3 helicopters in the Maritime Role (MR) variant for the Indian Coast Guard. These helicopters will be equipped for missions like maritime patrol, search and rescue, and coastal security.

The timely delivery of these helicopters signifies a positive step towards self-reliance in India’s defense sector. The project is expected to generate significant employment opportunities and boost the involvement of local vendors in the production process.


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