How China has become the prepotent through investments in America

The partisanship of China in the American Economy is neither new and nor hidden to world. The two nations are diplomatically antagonists of each other, yet their economic ties are growing vigorous now. The “Open Door Policy” proffered by USA to support the administrative integrity of China and give privileges to countries having trade pacts with China in the 20th century made an advantage for Chinese marketers for building China we are witnessing today. However, USA’s unsanctioned assistance to China turns out with an esoteric gateway for Chinese investors to own stakes in notable American companies and in state-owned organizations. The economic decision of favouring China through “Open Door Policy” has in-filtered USA with Chinese companies and investors who are  either directly or indirectly owned by Chinese Government. America’s largest automobile company, General Motors is one of the companies with higher Chinese stakes. According to the source of ‘Public Citizen’s Chinese Corporate Investment Database’, China has heavily taken stakes in technology, electronics, real estate and construction sectors inside America, making the American Economy more dependent on China in following years. The states of New York, California, Virginia, Texas and Kentucky run into the maximum amount of Chinese investments worth $91,860 million collectively. The Chicago Stock exchange was once rescued by U.S financial regulators from getting sold to Chinese investors.

So, the diplomatic drama of America against China on the global stage can be taken as a delusion that is deliberately fabricated to conserve the China-America trade partnership. From China’s nuclear testing to debt-trap plans, while America remains blind to such issues. The takeover of Uganda’s only international airport by China has agitated other countries with Chinese investments and debts.

Nevertheless, the fear from China is real, so does it make a matter of concern. The uncollectible debts owed by China to economically weak countries like Uganda, Brunei, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Laos and Myanmar are fuelling the “debt-trap” policy of China to access more foreign land in exchange for recovery of debts. Also, China’s expansion of its investment in America is a hint of upcoming Chinese dominance in the world.

DataBase Source- Public Citizen


  • Aditi Dubey

    A graduate in Economics from Delhi University. A master in defence and strategic studies from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. She worked with Janes Defence as a research analyst in the defence data development domain. An ethical hacker, she takes interest in issues related to military tactics, international laws, arms acts and tribunals.

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