Indian Army planning to replace “Russian T-72” tanks with new “FRCV” as main battle tanks

The forethought of future threats and current conflicts is making Indian Army to plan to replace Russian T-72 tanks with “Future Ready Combat Vehicle” (FRCV), as a need to secure Army’s subsequent approach for an all rounding purpose. The procurement of FRCV will modernize Army with “advanced technology” and “artificial intelligence” to tackle against Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Armoured Vehicles, Adversary Tanks and Helicopters. These tanks will be having the capability to be operated in Mountains, Plains and Areas of Waterfront. They are said to be medium weight (45 to 50 tonnes) and capable for working in an electronic welfare environment with an upgraded targeting progress in the adversary’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance abilities. Although, the “Army Advancement” is needed to be equipped with advance munitions ( multipurpose) with gun tube launched anti-tank guided missiles.

According to Indian Army’s Board Operational (ORs),

The mobility of FRCVs would be favourable for Low Nominal Ground Pressure and a High operating Range.

The Firepower capabilities of these tanks should have High First Round Hit Probability and High Lethality under Dynamic Engagement conditions with a Full solution Fire Control System with auto multi target tracker system & ‘hunter-killer’ concept.

In technical advancement, it should have Integrated day-night vision devices for complete Crew Incorporating Fusion Technology and 3600 panoramic view for Commanders.

“The FRCV is proposed to be developed under Chapter III, ‘Make-I’ procedure under provisions of DPP-2016. The FRCV development will be Service HQ driven with enabled state of art and futuristic technology” – an army source.

In addition, The Indian Army has already proffered an RFI to procure 350 light tanks for upgrading mountain warfare tactics to tackle Ladakh and Arunachal Conflicts against China. These FRCVs will be a booster for India’s Armed Warfare that would be having the survivability including passive, active, reactive and Ballistic Protection and Stealth / Signature Management Technologies catering for variety of threats faced. It will also includes Integrated Fire Detection and Suppression System (IFDSS).


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