Indian Army To Deploy Suicide Drones To Boost Artillery In Forward Posts Along China Border

The Indian army has aimed to procure at least 10 sets of medium-range precision kill system (MRPKS) – comprising 120 loitering munitions – to deploy them in the areas of the northern border.

These loitering munitions, also known as suicide drones, will enhance the capabilities of the army’s artillery units.

“The current and future battlefield milieu necessitates precision-guided munitions to achieve first strike kill and psychological ascendance over the enemy,” the army document read.

The army said that the need for such a weapon system would be intensified because of the wide spectrum of conflict – ranging from sub-conventional operations to full-scale war.

These munitions are designed to be used at more than 4,000 metres above sea-level, and can detect and destroy targets such as radar installations, including weapon-locating radar, air defence systems, logistics storage depots, and armoured vehicles at a distance up to 40km from the launch site.

“The munition system should have the capability for homing in on the allocated target even if communication from the ground station is disrupted,” the army said.

Bangalore-based Alpha-Elsec, a joint venture company of India’s Alpha design and Israel’s Elbit Security System, and Nagpur-based Solar Industries are some of the prime contenders of the army’s tender.

The Indian Air Force at present operates Harop loitering strike drones of Israeli origin.


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