New countermeasure system for P-8 Poseidon can defeats every missile

The contract has a total value of over 4 million USD, the time to complete the contract is 2 years from the time it was officially signed, BAE said on January 5. With the above money, it is not clear how many systems will be delivered.

According to some information disclosed by BAE, the AN / ALE-55 is capable of accurately replicating the aircraft’s flight path and radar reflection in order to deceive all missiles using heat probes or radar.

This system also combines with electronic warfare devices on aircraft to jam enemy radar systems, or attract enemy air defense fire, to protect the safety of expensive aircraft.

In addition, the AN / ALE-55 bait can be fitted with radar detection and detection equipment to provide parameters for the aircraft behind. While the enemy focuses on these “fake planes”, the aircraft will approach and launch missiles / bombs at the target, preventing the enemy from responding.

“In combat, especially in anti-aircraft warfare, early detection of the target and firing before the enemy is vital.

The AN / ALE-55 trap has repeatedly demonstrated its capabilities and BAE Systems will take that technology up with a deal with the US Navy, “said Tom McCarthy, director of baits at BAE Systems. concentration.

The AN / ALE-55 is not only integrated into large aircraft like the P-8A, but they can be easily fitted to other fighters to increase the safety of the aircraft, he added. close to the enemy air defense battle.

It is known that the P-8A Poseidon is the most active aircraft of the US Navy when operating near the Tartus and Hmeimim bases of Russia in Syria in recent years. In addition, this aircraft also regularly appears in the Black Sea, in the Baltic.

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