Paras Defence starts delivery of avionics suite for NAL Saras Mk2

Indian defense and space company Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited (Paras Defence) has begun deliveries of critical flight systems for the Saras Mk2 program, a significant development in indigenous civilian aircraft development. This marks a major milestone for both Paras Defence and the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) of India.

Equipping the Saras Mk2

Paras Defence secured a contract worth ₹64 crore in March 2023 to supply the Saras Mk2 with its advanced avionics suite. This suite encompasses the entire glass cockpit, the aircraft’s nerve center. It integrates all the essential equipment for control, monitoring, communication, navigation, and weather detection. Additionally, the package includes an autopilot system, greatly enhancing flight safety and reducing pilot workload.

NAL’s Ambitious Saras Mk2 Program

The Saras Mk2 is an indigenous multi-purpose civilian aircraft designed by NAL specifically for the light transport category. This program holds immense potential for regional connectivity and commercial applications within India. NAL plans a phased rollout, starting with the production of three prototypes for intensive testing and certification. Following successful trials, NAL will manufacture 15 Limited Serial Production (LSP) aircraft, paving the way for full-scale production. The ultimate goal is to produce at least 115 Saras Mk2 aircraft, catering to the growing domestic demand for reliable and efficient regional air travel.

Potential Military Application

The Saras Mk2’s capabilities have garnered interest from the Indian Air Force (IAF) as well. The IAF is likely to become a potential customer for the aircraft, further solidifying the project’s importance. The aircraft’s ability to operate from unprepared runways and its suitability for hot and high-altitude airfields make it a valuable asset for the IAF’s diverse operational needs.

A Step Forward for Indian Aviation

Paras Defence’s involvement in the Saras Mk2 program signifies a crucial step towards self-reliance in India’s aviation sector. The successful development and deployment of this indigenous aircraft will not only boost regional connectivity but also establish India as a key player in the global civilian aircraft market.


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