Second Uttam Aesa Radar integrated on LCA-Tejas

Limited Series Production (LSP-3) of LCA-Tejas aircraft has been integrated with the second Uttam Aesa Fire Control Radar (FCR) to speed up the program so that it can be made available on Tejas MK1A. LSP-2 was the first aircraft that was equipped with Uttam Aesa FCR after it completed initial trials onboard a leased Business jet and on Dornier Do 228 aircraft.LSP-3 is also being equipped with an advanced electronic warfare suite (EW suite) that has been developed by Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE), a lab specializing in avionics and electronic warfare systems for combat aircraft. Tejas-PV1 combat aircraft was used as a testbed to test the EW suite, but since now the aircraft has been retired, LSP-3 will be used for further fine-tuning, to be used on LCA-AF Mk2 Program.LSP3 will be on static display in Aero India 2021. In past, LSP3 aircraft underwent all high angles of attack tests and the 8.5g test. Project Director Mr. D Seshagiri (LRDE) in charge of the UTTAM Active electronically scanned array (AESA) Fire Control Radar (FCR )program has confirmed that Indigenously developed UTTAM FCR is going through its phase by phase demonstration of all its operational modes and the radar will be cleared for production in 2021.



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