Kaveri Derivate with AB section will generate 83kN Thrust, but Still not good enough for Tejas

India’s Gas Turbine Research Establishment developed, Kaveri Derivate Engine with an After Burning section will be able to generate 83kN Class of Thrust when the Dry section is certified by 2024, but still, it won’t have enough power to be equipped on Tejas Mk1A jets. Kaveri Derivate Engine can generate a 47kN class of Thrust but will be cleared only for UCAV Program and later possibly for AJT Program.Information coming out of Aero India 2021, has confirmed that the Maximum weight mentioned in the Kaveri Derivate brochure of 1180kg includes it’s After Burning section. GTRE has roped in Dassault Systèmes a French software corporation for helping in 3D Design, Modeling and Engineering Software expertise for the development of the Kaveri Derivate Engine.GTRE is planning for Performance and operability demonstration across the flight envelope in the Altitude Test Facility in 2021 as per information provided by GTRE. Kaveri Derivate engine will get Initial Flight Release (IFR) certification in 2024 if all goes well.



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