The new logo of IADN inspired by Lord Shri Ram’s Arrow

रां रामाय नमः।।

The new logo of IADN inspired by Lord Shri Ram’s Arrow

The tip of the arrow in the logo symbolsis the right direction and purpose, which is essential to today’s information warfare domain.

Arrow has been referred to as a symbol of strength and righteousness since time immemorial. In contrast to new generation missile technology and Target Acquisition capabilities, the symbol of arrow remains eternal and forward-looking.

The National flag of India in the background consists of three colors – saffron, white and green which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22 July, 1947 with the Ashok Chakra which is depiction of Dharma Chakra. The 24 spokes radiating from the center represent righteousness, justice, and forwardness in all directions.

The symbolism of the wheel is that of constant movement of information inspired by India’s deep legacy with 24 hours commitment. The new IADN logo shows progress in the right direction, repeling stagnation of the flow of knwoledge and information in the digital domain while keeping the utmost national security interest forward.

The new IADN symbol is inspired and designed by Shantanu K. Bansal


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