We Welcome Mrs Debalina Ghoshal As Esteemed Advisor To IADN

Mrs Debalina Ghoshal

Mrs Debalina Ghoshal is a Non-Resident Research Fellow with the Council on International Policy, Canada. She is also the author of Role of Missiles in International Security. She specialises in missiles, missile defence, nuclear and artillery. Her articles have appeared in leading journals, magazines and newspapers like The Non-Proliferation Review, The Washington Quarterly, Warsaw International Law Review, Comparative Strategy, Force, Military Technology, Naval Forces, and Daily Sabah to name a few. She has also authored a monograph Missile Developments in the Middle East. She has written more than 150 articles on issues about nuclear missiles, missile defence, space, artillery and strategic issues for both national and international magazines, journals and newspapers.

Mrs Ghoshal has been the torch bearer to the Indian defence and strategic studies community, we wish her all the best in all her endeavours, ahead.


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