The “TRIAD” front against North Korea

Apart from having ongoing food crisis in North Korea, the rebel country is planning to continue its missile exercises during pandemic by giving bitter pill to USA and UN. Kim Jong-un’s administration has done a launch of tactical short-range ballistic missile out of blue in March that worried UN, USA and UNSC in a very consternation state. Though recently, North Korean Dictator accused UN for their double standard against North Korea as UN called for imposing sanctions against the country blaming them for violation of U.N resolutions after the missile launch.

USA been vigorously involved in South China sea and East Asian region, is preparing a TRIAD with Japan and South Korea concerning about North Korea’s expanding missile and nuclear programs. As per the international sources, the officials of USA, Japan and South Korea have jointly come into a statement for a “concerted trilateral cooperation towards denuclearization in Korean Peninsula”. Earlier, Biden in his given sentiments was disconsolate with Trump’s romantic diplomacy with North Korean leader and his failure to any permanent agreement. Biden has warned North Korea on its ballistic missile launch against UN and UNSC resolutions.


  • Aditi Dubey

    A graduate in Economics from Delhi University. A master in defence and strategic studies from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. She worked with Janes Defence as a research analyst in the defence data development domain. An ethical hacker, she takes interest in issues related to military tactics, international laws, arms acts and tribunals.

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