TVS Sundaram All Terrain Tactical Hauler is set to enhance Solider mobility

With the purchase of 300 TVS Sundaram All Terrain Tactical Haulers (ATT Haulers), the Indian Army’s soldier mobility has significantly increased. This cutting-edge, Indian-made load carrier is intended to reduce soldiers’ workloads and improve their agility in combat.

As it demonstrates its special ability to be both tough and light in weight. Its little size does not deceive you. With the capacity to transport up to 120 kg of equipment, supplies, and ammunition, the ATT Hauler frees up soldiers to concentrate on their core combat tasks. This enhanced mobility results in better manoeuvrability, faster reaction times, and ultimately, a higher likelihood of mission success. It is helpful because of its multiterrain ability. With its sturdy construction and hybrid electric drivetrain, the ATT Hauler is unstoppable in rough terrain like mountains, thick forests, and sandy deserts. It is the ideal companion for warriors in any setting because it can even cross water.

Modernising the logistics capabilities of the Indian Army is a major step forward with the first purchase of 300 ATT Haulers. Because of its clever construction, it indicates a dedication to providing soldiers with the greatest resources available to accomplish their objectives in a safe and efficient manner. An example of India’s increasing ability to use defensive technology is the ATT Hauler. This innovative vehicle was created in partnership with Marom Dolphin of Israel and was created especially to meet the special needs of the Indian Army.

Those who are both technologically advanced and prepared for demands will lead the way in the future. For battlefield logistics, the ATT Hauler is the next step up. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s a force multiplier that has the potential to completely change the way the Indian Army functions by relieving soldiers of their burdens and allowing them to travel quicker and further.


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