IADN Strategic Focus Magazine December-January 2024

The IADN is India’s top defence and strategic news and analysis website. On the occasion of its 10th year in service, the IADN launched E-magazine called “IADN Strategic Focus.” The monthly magazine is a recap of all the happenings in the defence and strategic sector and policy briefs in the form of E-publication.

The December-January 2024 edition celebrates the 75th Republic Day of India. The edition comes with the article titled “Engaging China” by Col. Prashant Jha (Retd.) which comes with a theme that to reduce the dependency upon Chinese products in India, India needs to engage more with China for example the lessons from the TVE (Towns and village enterprises) of China to transition India into a manufacturing and service-led export nation is the need of the hour, the article says. The edition also includes a short analysis of the ongoing Pakistan-China conflict by Ms Aditi Dubey.

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