Tejas MK1A and Arjun MK1A

  1. What prevents our purchase cabinet committee to sign up for our 83 odd Tejas ?
  2. Why this hide and seek play of MMRCA 2.0 ? Once we hear that it is closed then we hear that it’s on.
  3. What’s the future of Arjun after 86 odd changes?
  4. If FDI investment in defence in our country is raised to 100% ,then what will we get back ? ~Ahwan Paikray


1. HAL is preparing for the Tejas MK1A already. It was already said that the deal will be signed by end of this year, so should happen. As there is still time for it, so keep our fingers crossed.

2. MMRCA 2.0 is a requirement for sure but the hide and seek you see is because of its financial size. The government is not sure that the project this large can be financed, but then again they are a requirement. Expect things to get more clear by latter half of 2021.

But if I were to put my personal opinion, I would not expect procurement of anything more than ~83 MK1A , 21 Mig29, 12 (maybe 40 more) Su30MKI , maybe another batch of 36 off the shelf Rafales and by 2027 , a deal for Tejas MK2 , meaning 30 or so aircraft by this decade end in all.

3. The Arjun MK1A deal should be signed pretty soon. Avadi will deliver all the vehicles in around 5-6 years from the date of signing the deal.

4. FDI changes will have little effect in my opinion in our procurement process, untill we do reforms first. Our procurement processes are often flawed. I hope to do an opinion piece soon on few things which might change the way things are.


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