Aircraft Carriers in the age of Hypersonic Weapons

Question: Will aircraft carriers become obsolete in the age of hypersonic missiles ~Gauri Shankar Dutta

Hyper Sonic weapons are definitely a new and imposing threat. It is surely much more difficult to intercept and it can surely do much more damage too. But will it make Aircraft Carriers obsolete?

Well let me share a youtube link about a SINKEX conducted by USN where they fire multiple missiles and torpedoes from ships, submarines, Aircraft and helicopters on a retired OHP Frigate which refuses to sink!

Similar videos of more exercises can be found. And here we see a retired warship taking in so much punch. Therefore we need to realise that yes Aircraft Carriers will be an Target for them , but it will not make them obsolete.

The aircraft carriers will not be any more dangerous a place to be in time of conflict than a land based air base against those hypersonic weapons.


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