IADN Strategic Focus Magazine: August 2023 Issue

The IADN is India’s top defence and strategic news and analysis website. On the occasion of its 10th year in service, the IADN launched E-magazine called “IADN Strategic Focus.” The monthly magazine is a recap of all the happenings in the defence and strategic sector and policy briefs in the form of E-publication.

The August issue of the Strategic Focus magazine comes with a special note from H.E. Yogi Puranik from Japan congratulating IADN on its 11th anniversary and also promoting the strong India-Japan ties in the ever-evolving international scenario. He emphasises that the India-Japan partnership has deep roots and India is an integral part of Japan’s foreign policy. The August issue also covers H.E. Yogi Puranik’s journey in Japanese politics and promoting India-Japan friendship. The August edition celebrates India’s 77th independence year in the article by Ms Aditi Dubey, Editor of IADN, keeping in perspective some moments of 77 years of India’s journey. The edition comes with a roadmap for India@2050 with a brief on Post COVID-19 reforms with an objective of making India a disaster-resilient state by Mr Shantanu K. Bansal.



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